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Introduction to Peter Farrell’s Facebook Lessons

Hello, my name is Peter Farrell. I’ve been George Benson’s private student for more than 15 years. During the last 6 years we’ve put together a collection of method books that we feel will change your life forever. It will not only change the way you approach the guitar, but will also change the way you approach music.

The George Benson Method Books can be purchased here on my website. However, it is important to understand that many things cannot be explained in written pages. So the purpose of my Facebook lessons is to offer you the opportunity to have access to the secrets that can only be understood when explained step by step. You will not find this information anywhere else, or with anyone else other than myself or George Benson.

My main focus is to help you understand how to apply all the written material from “The George Benson Method Books” over many different harmonic situations, such as standards, and other types of material.

How the lessons are organized on Facebook?

In order to better organize the subjects, the lessons are divided into cycles of  4 videos between 1 hour and 1:30. Each cycle (4 video lessons) runs in a different Facebook group, and they can only be accessed by invited subscribers: Facebook calls these secret groups

All the lessons are pre recorded and are available 24/7 while you are a member of the groups. Be sure to download the lessons because as soon as you leave my lesson groups, you lose total access too all material.

If you have any questions about the material you can send me a private message or email anytime. It will be a pleasure to help you the most I can.

The Learning Process

Do  not  worry about learning everything from each lesson at once.It is a lot of material to digest. Therefore, I suggest you learn a few things from each lesson and then move ahead. As soon as you want to learn more about a specific subject, you can always go back to the previous lessons while you are an existing member of the group.

You can learn at your own speed!!! However, you must understand that as you are buying a method the payment is recurring every 4 weeks

The Videos

The video is not of high quality, it’s a home made video recording. However, the quality is quite good for the purpose of Facebook videos.

The Payment

1)   Choose one of the options below and make a payment using Paypal

  • Full Package (70 lessons, 6 months staying in the groups): £2060
  • 5 Cycles (20 lessons, 3 months staying in the groups) £620
  • 1 Cycle (4 lessons) : £152
  • GB Picking lesson (2 months staying in the groups): £44

2)   Send the money from your Paypal to my Paypal.

My Paypal is: babalugroove@hotmail.com

3)   As soon as you make the payment, add me on Facebook and send me a private message, this confirms that it is you. After that I will add you to the group or groups.

The Material Covered During the Cycles

  1. GB right hand picking technique / GB left hand technique
  2. The secret of the two chords
  3. Superimposition arpeggios and ideas
  4. Improving your rhythmic feel and ideas
  5. Harmonic Regions
  6. Key improvising
  7. GB Major Blues approach
  8. GB Minor blues approach
  9. GB double stop licks and blues ideas
  10. The Secret of the Giant Lines
  11. How to build your own lines based on GB style
  12. GB stacking chords
  13. GB Harmonic Minor, Melodic Minor and Simetric Scale Approaches.
  14. Wes Montgomery ideas
  15. GB connections
  16. How to learn and improvise over many jazz standards and other type of songs
  17. How to play over modal songs
  18. Improvisation positioning
  19. Modal and Tonal Songs
  20. Dorian ideas and connections
  21. How to get better playing Rhythm changes
  22. The nature of the scales
  23. GB Harmonic minor/melodic minor /dominant diminished approaches
  24. Concepts about many different styles
  25. How to play ballads
  26. How to improvise over medium tempos (GB secret)
  27. Double time lines and time feel
  28. How to play and improvise over Bossa Nova and some Brazilian rhythms
  29. Brazilian rhythms and harmonies
  30. Repertory of jazz/ Brazilian music and some other styles
  31. Bebop ideas and concepts
  32. How to improvise over Monk’s songs
  33. John Coltrane ideas (Giant Steps approach)

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