Brazilian Rhythms

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  • 6 hours Video Lessons
  • 23 PDF pages with 36 different Types of Bossa Nova and Samba Rhythms. Comes with Musical Notation, TABs, Picking & Fingering directions, and Step by Step explanation.


Brazilian Rhythms – Bossa Nova & Samba

In this pack of video lessons, you will have access to a step-by-step map that will show you how to play the incredible Brazilian rhythms Bossa Nova and Samba. Enjoy the 36 different possibilities that Peter Farrell has chosen to make you play and feel these rhythms like a Brazilian.

NOTE: For those who don’t know, Peter is Brazilian and comes from a Family of Brazilian Rhythm Masters.

The video material presented contains:

  • Around 6 hours of video lessons
  • 23 pages of pdfs containing 36 different types of Bossa Nova and Samba with musical notation, tabs and right-hand approach

(Includes 1 year subscription. Renewal: $62/ year)

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