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Harmony Book Vol.1 – Chord Construction & Beginning Harmony


Harmony Book Vol.1 – Chord Construction & Beginning Harmony

This book shows you the beginning of notes, clefs, intervals, scales and guitar fretboard visualization.

• Fretboard vizualization
• Chord constructions
• Triad chords and inversions (over 60 shapes)
• Tetrad chords and inversions (over 180 shapes)
• Suspended chords & added tone chords (over 90 shapes)
• Extended chords & Altered chords (over 300 shapes)
• Chord Families and Modes

Apart from chords, you will learn the relationship between scales, chords and modes, which is extremely important to master before going onto the complex harmonic or melodic ideas. Although we don’t cover scales or improvisation in this book, we use the scales to show you the quantity of chords that we can have for each one of them thus understanding the chord families and their possibilities.

All of these subjects are organized in a very useful way showing many chord possibilities on each string and on each degree (all of them with their respective fretboard shape), which will give you many options to harmonize (or reharmonize) the songs you play, or even help you to create your own songs and harmonies.

Including Fretboards

299 Pages


NOTE: This is an E-Book which means that you will only be able to read it on devices such as computers, cell phones or tablets. We do not offer hard copies because we want to make a difference for the planet. By saving a ton of paper, you can save 17 trees, 26000 liters of water, 4000 kilowatts of power supply and 240 liters of fuel. It takes an average of 5 liters of water to produce one piece of A4 paper. Every tree produces enough oxygen for 3 people to breathe. 93% of paper comes from trees.

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