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  • Pack 3 – George Benson’s Melodic Minor Bebop Approach

Pack 3 – George Benson’s Melodic Minor Bebop Approach


  • 3:40 hours Video Lessons
  • 152 PDF pages, Fretboard Shapes, Block Chord Ideas, Double Arpeggios, 250 Single Lines & Licks with Musical Notation, TABs, Picking & Fingering directions, and Step by Step explanatio
  • (Includes 1 year subscription. Renewal: $62/ year)


Pack 3 - George Benson’s Melodic Minor Bebop Approach

In this pack of video lessons, you will have access to a step-by-step map on how to master the Melodic Minor scale through George Benson's unique approach.

The ideas, lines, studies, and explanations contained in this video lesson are pure gold and completely different from the conventional way that jazz teachers approach this subject. The idea is to go straight to the point, thus making you learn faster and better than you ever imagined. We have no doubt that this lesson will be a game-changer for you playing.

Course 07: George Benson’s Melodic Minor Scale Approach

introduction to The Melodic Minor Lessons
Lesson #01: Melodic Minor Chord Family
Lesson #02: Chord Voicing Possibilities
lesson #03: Block-chord-voicing-possibilities
Lesson #04 Melodic Minor Scale Possibilities
lesson #05: Melodic Minor Scale Arpeggios
lesson #06: Melodic Minor Common Arpeggios
lesson #07: Melodic Minor Double Arpeggios
lesson #08-Simple Line Ideas Using Augmented Chords
lesson #09: Melodic Minor Arpeggio Combinations
lesson #10-The Power of Superimposed Major & Minor Triads
lesson #11: Melodic Minor Single Line Ideas
lesson #12-Descending Double Arpeggios & Ascending Scales
lesson #13: 6th String Ascending Common Arpeggio Connections & Scale Arpeggios
lesson #14: Triad Inversions & Scale Arpeggios
lesson #15: Augmented Triad Tricks & Scale Arpeggios
lesson #16: John Coltrane Pattern & Other Melodic Minor Materials
lesson #17: Melodic Minor Line Combinations
lesson #18: Organizing the Guide Chord Pairs & Melodic Solutions
lesson #19: V7alt, Im7 Single Line Ideas
lesson #20: V7alt, Imaj7 Single Line Ideas Part 1
lesson #21: V7alt, Imaj7 Single Line Ideas Part 2
lesson #22: V7alt, Imaj7 Single Line Ideas Part 3

NOTE: The course PDFs are e-books which means that you will only be able to read it on devices such as computers, cell phones or tablets. We do not offer hard copies because we want to make a difference for the planet. By saving a ton of paper, you can save 17 trees, 26000 liters of water, 4000 kilowatts of power supply and 240 liters of fuel. It takes an average of 5 liters of water to produce one piece of A4 paper. Every tree produces enough oxygen for 3 people to breathe. 93% of paper comes from trees.

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