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  • Pack 7 – Hidden Chords 2 – Beyond the Chord Changes

Pack 7 – Hidden Chords 2 – Beyond the Chord Changes


  • 3:20 hours Video Lessons
  • 194 PDF pages, 450 Single Line Options with Musical Notation, TABs, Picking & Fingering directions.
  • (Includes 1 year subscription. Renewal: $100/ year)


This is going to be probably the most incredible video lesson you will ever see. The concepts and ideas contained here are more than gold mine, they are the key to achieve fluency, creativity, and freedom to improvise like a Giant.

Everybody knows that Improvising with fluency over chord changes are the main goal for any improviser. However, there are tons of melodic secrets and short cuts that George Benson has developed during so many years that go beyond than simply following the chords we can see. Yes, we are talking about ultimate chord substitutions and superimpositions that will blow your mind!!! We call that: The Hidden Chords

To make the learning process faster and easier to understand, Peter Farrell has chosen small parts of songs that he worked with Mr. Benson during his private lessons with him, to help you mastering these ideas and mainly the concepts behind every example.

There is no place out there where you can find this type of information, with that kind of depth. So, what are you waiting for?

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