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Standard Time 8 – Online Pre-Recorded Event

US$399 US$198


Where: Pre-Recorded Online Live Event
Duration: 19 Hours 31 Minutes
Ticket Cost: $198.00


In this amazing online event, Peter Farrell will teach you how to deeply approach another 4 famous Jazz standards which we have no doubt that you will love. Songs are the opportunity to apply every concept we have learned, it is the moment to “shine”. In this edition of Standard Time, Peter will approach the following songs:

1. Spain
2. What’s New
3. Caravan
4. Speak Low

We are talking about learning how to play the melodies, how to improvise and work on comping over all of these songs.

Obviously, Peter will teach you revolutionary concepts and ideas that he have learned in his private lessons with George Benson, and so many other things he has been learning during the last 30 years from Wes Montgomery, McCoy Tyner, Herbie Hancock, Cannonball Adderley, Tom Jobim, Stan Getz and many others.

It’s not about showing you the scales you can play over each chord or giving you some patterns to study. If you only use it, you will probably sound predictable, and depending on the circumstance, corny. Besides this, these songs were specifically chosen because of their “powerful” possibilities.

We know that probably it was the type of experience you had before on internet with some other teachers that don’t like to share what they know. As a matter of a fact, apart from the secrets Peter has learned with George Benson that cannot be found anywhere else, the main difference between himself and them, is that teaching is not what he does for living, it’s his legacy to the world.

So, if you want to improve fluency and creativity, now it’s the perfect chance to change this game.

This is an amazing opportunity to take your technique to another level because everything we will be studying together can be used over many other songs!

It will happen live but for those who cannot watch live, it will be available for you to watch it as many times you want to during a 90 days period using your account in this website.

(Includes 90 days subscription. NOT automatic renewal)

Where: Pre-Recorded Online Live Event
Duration: 19 Hours 31 Minutes
Ticket Cost: $198.00

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